Burstcoin Network

This page updates every 20 seconds and should provide a quick overview of Burstcoin network.
Last block with same GenerationSignature: 493954 (Data updated 7 seconds ago.)

NextBlock BaseTarget Type Domain GenerationSignature TargetDeadline State
493954 54382 Pool pool.burstmining.club d7386dc9e9fcbb1350ac6be0d... 259200 OK
493954 54382 Pool all.poolofd32th.club d7386dc9e9fcbb1350ac6be0d... 2592000 OK
493954 54382 Pool pool.burstcoin.space:8124 d7386dc9e9fcbb1350ac6be0d... 2592000 OK
493954 54382 Pool burst.ninja d7386dc9e9fcbb1350ac6be0d... 345600 OK
493954 54382 Pool burstpool.net:8124 d7386dc9e9fcbb1350ac6be0d... 1728000 OK
493954 54382 Pool pool.burstcoin.ro:8080 d7386dc9e9fcbb1350ac6be0d... 31536000 OK
493954 54382 Pool highroller.burst-team.us:8080 d7386dc9e9fcbb1350ac6be0d... 10000000000 OK
493954 54382 Wallet cwallet.burstmining.club:8125 d7386dc9e9fcbb1350ac6be0d... N/A OK
493954 54382 Wallet wallet1.burstnation.com:8125 d7386dc9e9fcbb1350ac6be0d... N/A OK
493954 54382 Wallet bwallet.burstmining.club:8125 d7386dc9e9fcbb1350ac6be0d... N/A OK
N/A pool.burstcoin.de
N/A wallet3.burstnation.com:8125
N/A wallet2.burstnation.com:8125
N/A wallet.burst-team.us:8128
N/A wallet.burst-team.us:8127
N/A pool.burstcoin.party
N/A pool.burstcoin.eu
N/A pool.burstcoin.biz
N/A pool.burstmining.club:8125
N/A wallet.burst-team.us:8126
N/A wallet.burst-team.us:8125
N/A poolofd32th.club
N/A mwallet.burst-team.us:8125
N/A faucet.burstnation.com
N/A burstneon.ddns.net
N/A wallet4.burstnation.com:8125
N/A bcaworldteampool.com
N/A pool.burstcoin.sk
N/A faucet.burst-team.us
N/A util.burst-team.us:8889
N/A faucet.burstcoin.info
N/A pool.burst-team.us
N/A falconburstpool.xyz
N/A burst.lexitoshi.uk
N/A burstpool.ddns.net
N/A pool.burstcoin.ml:8020
N/A pool.ccminer.net:8080

This list does not contain all nodes of Burstcoin network, only a manual configured subset.

The above chart shows the block transitions of nodes, weight by amount of nodes. Based on the data received by this page.

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